Mr Kenny Loh started our CFP® certification program in Jan 2016 and have been very consistent in his progress. As a public student with no prior financial planning experience, Kenny have been outstanding in his coursework. We invited him to our office for a short chat and we learn some interesting ideas that will be fruitful for fellow students.

KapitalMinds: You have an engineering background. What is it like to take up a financial course? And why did you choose the CFP® program?


Kenny: Now that I am 40s, I wished I had the opportunity to do this earlier! I only came to understand how important financial planning at a latter part of my life. The schools did not provide financial education, and I find that financial matters is every part of our life. We simply went around making mistakes through try and error methods.

I went to the banks and lost money. I listen to others and did not understand the full picture and lost money. All these are hard earned money, and I realised educating myself first should be a priority. That is how I ended up taking the CFP® program.

KapitalMinds: So far, how did the CFP® program benefited you?

Kenny: The course so far have given me a much clearer concept on strategizing on my finances. I have built some in depth understanding on REITs investing over the last 6 years. Now, with the CFP® program with KapitalMinds, I gained a bigger picture on how various financial instruments like stocks, insurance and CPF comes together to form a portfolio for myself. Every individual should also know the basics like taxes in Singapore.

People can run away from insurance agents, but they should not run away from the importance of insurance. Nowadays, I call my agent to get my insurance reviewed on regular basis, not the other way round. That being said, I still run away from product pushing insurance agents!

One of the benefit I gained from the course (from Module 4 Investment Module) was now I can read and understand Fund Management performance. I have gained a deeper understanding of the risks of different investment vehicles. We should not just take risks at face value. I learnt from the course on how to quantify risks in various ways and understand how risk vs reward is justified and measured.

KapitalMinds: Are you planning to be a fund manager then?

Kenny: Ha. Not really. I enjoy doing my financial blog and sharing some key lessons I learnt over the years. I find the CFP® program is filled with many concepts that can be applied immediately. Especially at KapitalMinds, where the lecturers are always keen to share how to apply the concepts immediately in our daily lives.

The course really helps to provide me with the foundation to plan for my own financial future. I am looking forward to gain a deeper understanding on Tax (Module 3), and Insurance (Module 2) in the coming year.

After studying the 3 modules leading up to the AWPCM, I am exploring becoming a financial advisor, specializing in investments and portfolio management.

(KM note: AWPCM stands for Associate Wealth Manager Title, which is awarded if the student passes Module 1, 4 & 5 of the Certified Financial Planner course)

KapitalMinds: When do you plan to complete your CFP® certification?

Kenny: What I like about KapitalMinds are their good student and teacher ratio. We can get quite good tutoring for the course material, as well as good understanding on the Wealth Management industry. I am looking to achieving my CFP® mark by 2017, taking about 2 years.

I am glad that KapitalMinds have assisted me with the grant application. The government is providing grants to “old” people like me, so it is to my interest to maximise this opportunity. I find I have really make full use of my Skills Future Credit to upgrade myself.

KapitalMinds: Thank you! We look forward to see you in our classes in the coming months!

Mr Kenny Loh signed up for an AWPCM package, where if he completes the 3 modules, he will be able to use the title of Associate Wealth Planner in his career.

You can find out more about Mr Kenny’s investment ideas on REITs at his blog at


KapitalMinds: Thank you for your sharing, Kenny.