Funding Support 2022

There are currently 5 types of funding available for prospective course participants with KapitalMinds. They are:


  1. Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) Enhanced funding scheme (Self and Company Sponsored)
  2. Workforce Singapore WSG Training Support (Company Sponsored)
  3. SkillsFuture Singapore SSG Credits (Self-Sponsored)
  4. NTUC UTAP (for NTUC Members)
  5. MOE PSEA (for all eligible Singaporeans till age 30)


1.The Institute of Banking and Finance Standards Training Scheme (“IBF-STS”) provides funding for training and assessment programmes accredited under the Skills Framework for Financial Services. Under the Enhanced Funding Support for IBF-STS and IBF Credit, MAS will enhance course fee subsidies for locals (Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore) attending accredited or recognised courses up to 90% till 30 June 2022. (90% for Singaporean who are 40 and above, 80% for Singaporean below 40 or PR.) Course trainees will only need to pay NETT FEE to attend the course.


2. Workforce Singapore (WSG) Training Support are available for companies who sponsor their employees for courses. Funding for companies can be up to 95% of the course fee. Financial advisors and insurance agents can go through your Manager or Director to qualify for WSG Training Support. For more details on WSG funding, please visit:


3. SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Credits are available for self-sponsored course participants to fund up to 50% on their course fees. For more details on SSG funding, please visit: PTE. LTD


4. NTUC Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) is open for NTUC member only. Members can enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support up to $250 limit each year. It can cover outstanding amounts payable after WSG and SSG funding. Please signup here 1 month* before class starts if you intend to utilise UTAP funding (*as NTUC membership only begins 1st of the following month upon successful signup). For more details on UTAP funding, please visit:


5. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) is available to all Singapore Citizens until the age of 30, to provide support for Singaporeans who may choose to take up post-secondary education at a later stage. As our courses are PSEA approved, course participants may use their PSEA funds to pay for the course fees. To check your PSEA balance, you can call the 24-hour automated PSEA hotline at 62600777. To download the PSEA ad-hoc withdrawal form, please click here. For the list of FAQs on PSEA, please visit:



Typically, the amount of funding grant will vary based on:

  • Singaporean or a Permanent Resident
  • your age
  • your income
  • your mode of sponsorship


Call us at 6962 8001 to find out how much funding and grants you can qualify for!

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(Last Updated: 20 May 2022)