Estate Planning for All

Estate Planning for All Singaporeans

by Dr Ameen Ali Salim Talib


Estate planning is the process of planning how you want your estate (i.e., all the assets you have at the point of death) to be managed and transferred after your death.

This course addresses inheritance and gives participants a good grasp of the inheritance laws and its complexities. The course aims to equip estate planning advisors with the ability to advice locals and Muslim clients.

The course covers the essentials of the inheritance laws and explains the estate planning vehicles that can be used and focusing on trusts.


Learning outcomes


  • Able to advice clients on Estate planning, including pre-death.
  • Understand Wills and trusts.
  • Appreciate permissible and non-permissible investments for locals and Muslims.

Topics Covered


  • A Case for Estate Planning
  • Planning Before Death
  • Inheritance
  • Different Scenarios in Inheritance Laws
  • Will and Gifts
  • Trusts
  • Issues in trusts
  • Religious investments and Obligations


Who is this for?


  • All those who have and/or intend to accumulate wealth during their lifetime
  • All personal wealth planners and managers including private bankers
  • All who care about their loved ones well-been after they gone



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