The trainer is able to clearly explain concepts and helps participants grasp key points of the topics. He gives revision and overview of the key topics before the exam.

Mr. Au Yeong Hau Teng
2021 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 1

The trainer was patient and knew what he was talking about. He was able to provide very good examples to explain the concepts.

Ms. Amanda Ong
2021 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 6

“Clear explanation, knowledgeable.”

Mr. Yulianto Adi Wiguno
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 5

The trainer is responsive to my queries every time. Explanation is clear, patience in explaining.

Ms. Irene Wee
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 4

“The trainer is very knowledgeable and is willing to address queries. Knowing the framework to build investment solutions. The presentations are very well presented.”

Mr. Au Yeong Hau Teng
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 4

“Everything is good. Clear and patient in explaining. I like the quiz that the trainer went through with us after every topic.”

Ms. Serene Lee
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 3

“I am satisfied with the trainer; he highlights key concepts and material we should focus on.”

Mr. Lim Liang Hong
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 3

The trainer is very willingly made himself available to address questions and provide additional help.

Mr. Au Yeong Hau Teng
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 2

“Knowledgeable trainer who breaks the presentation in simpler terms for easy understanding”

Mr. Brandon Choo
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 1

“Knowledgeable trainer”

Mr. Wong Kum Soon
2021 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 1

“I find it valuable that the trainer is able to bring in practical life examples to illumine the application of certain planning concepts.”

Mr Alvin Neo
2018 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 1

The trainer was willing to share his knowledge and he is very responsive to students’ questions… I find the computation portion in Time Value of Money, retirement, insurance and education planning to be very well presented.”

Mr Ang Zhong Han
2018 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 1

“Very clear explanations and good demonstration given to help us understand… presentation was very applicable to real life situation.”

Ms Catherine Lum
2018 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 1

“I find going through the various case studies to be very helpful to me prepare and eventually pass the M6 Exams.”

Han Hao Juan, CFP®
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 6

“The trainer was able to provide to provide many relevant real life examples to bring the theory to life.”

Justin Kan
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 5

The trainer explains the difficult concepts of investments very well. He is able to pin-point the important areas of investment computations to lookout for.”

Justin Kan
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 4

“The trainer engages us with many life scenarios and creates quite active class participation and discussions. The notes are quite helpful as well.”

Simon Sim, AWPCM
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 3

“I appreciate that the trainer is able to clearly marry the conceptual details of this module with real life examples and experiences.”

Simon Sim, AWPCM
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 2

“We had a lively class because the participants were chatty and willing to share their thoughts and opinions. On the class content, it was broad ranging and definitely a good refresher on topics learnt previously. Lastly, the trainer provided good edu-tainment for an after-work evening class.”

Yeo Kai Yu
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 1

“Understanding the basis and knowing how to calculate the effective rate of interest is probably the most useful and important skill I picked up in this module.”

Tan Teck Hock
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 1

“Overall, I enjoyed the class very much. The instruction was beneficial to me and the coaching was useful too. I like the exercises that we did in class.”

Ms Doris Lim
2017 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 1

“Trainer is very helpful and prompt in answering our questions. He is able to turn complex information into simple terms for the class to understand. The step-by-step walk through for calculations was a great help for me.”

Princessa Phoon, CFP®
2017 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 6

“The concise and simple to understand explanations as well as the practical tips given by the trainer was most useful. Generally, a well-conducted course.”

Gerald Koh
2017 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 1

“The trainer is engaging and tackle questions from students in a systematic fashion. The practice experiences of the trainer as well as class discussions add depth to the issues covered. Mock exam papers were a lifesaver!”

Simon Sim, AWPCM
2017 – Cycle 2 Intake, Module 1

“Trainer was very clear in explaining the concepts of the module and gave us enough case studies and mock exam questions to ensure that we pass the module. Even after 12 years in the industry, the lessons really helped me understand certain financial topics I was previously unsure of. Overall, good lectures, helped me pass M6 with ease.”

Ms Vivienne Neo, CFP®
2017 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 6

“It is my absolute pleasure to provide my feedback to recount my M6 experience with KapitalMinds. The first half of the Module is a revision of the major topics, which particularly served as good revision for me because it helps to reinforce important foundational topics.


One area worth mentioning is where the trainer shared with us on discounted cash flow and when to apply adjusted inflation rate of return. The notes are crafted in such a way that it is not just helpful for M6, but also for personal reading and upgrading. Plenty of case studies were given to us and the trainer went through them in good detail with us. This is particularly beneficial as it helps clear up doubts over uncertain areas.


The admin support was also helpful to address the rather confusing course fee funding process. I want to thank KapitalMinds for making the study of Module 6 a little less tedious and of course giving me a big hand to pass this last Module.”

Ms Doris Heng, CFP®
2017 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 6

“The trainer provided detailed explanations on the topics covered. Personally, I feel that this is the most challenging module, but through the meticulously planned classes, I managed to understand the complex calculations required.”

Han Hao Juan, 
2017 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 4

“The trainer has a wealth of experience in this area and was able to share his personal experiences to the class.”

Han Hao Juan
2017 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 2

“The general overview of the financial planning process and the usefulness of Time Value of Money are the great takeaways for me in Module 1.”

Mr Jeffrey Low, CFP®
2017 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 1

“I particularly enjoyed the class discussions and the personal challenge of doing the practice questions given.”

Ms Khor Ling Ling
2017 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 1

“To anyone looking to start your CFP journey, I highly recommend KapitalMinds because they will guide you on a path which is achievable and complements your professional aspiration. When I was starting mine, I felt uncertain on how best I should plan my CFP journey. I had no idea whether it was realistic to commit to a few modules at one go. Plus, I had some ideas on how I’d like to develop my career in financial advisory. KapitalMinds considered my professional and education background, my career aspiration, as well as my expectations of the CFP journey, and guided me through this decision­making. I am grateful for this guidance, because I now have a clear idea on how I want to chart my CFP journey, such that it complements my professional development plan and workload.


If you are undecided between the Self Study or Class Lecture route, I recommend the Class Lecture experience because the lecturer was commendable with his knowledge and willingness to share. Moreover, I had classmates in different roles in the finance industry, who therefore raised questions from varied perspectives. The resultant classroom experience became even more enriching because we covered scope beyond the syllabus, and there were practical discussions around applying what was taught.


Ultimately, results matter and the best testament to KapitalMinds’ effectiveness is that all of us passed our exam on our first attempt. Although, what impressed me most is KapitalMinds’ dedication to help us excel at not just the exam, but also professionally. Largely due to the quality of the lectures and course material, I am now able to engage clients with much more confidence and conviction. And I feel the difference this makes to my financial advisory career. Thank you, KapitalMinds!”

Ms Toh Jia Hui
2016 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 1

“KapitalMinds lecturers are enthusiastic to assist us to achieve the CFP® certification. They are approachable. They have a wide diverse background to provide me a very good exposure in Financial Planning. I am confident I can achieve my CFP® with their help in the coming months!”

Ms Janet Ong
2016 – Cycle 1 Intake, Module 1

“KapitalMinds made the notes so concise that studying with the textbook was manageable. My lecturer, John was very knowledgeable and is conscientious about us understanding the concept. That helped me in passing the CFP Module 1 smoothly.”

Ms Angel Lim, AFPCM
2015 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 1

“I completed the AFPCM while completing my diploma at Singapore Polytechnic. I was not sure what it takes. It was a good challenge and some of the coursework were quite similar to my Banking and Finance subjects. Now I have a professional qualification on top of my diploma! I am thankful for my lecturer for recommending it to me. KapitalMinds staff was very helpful throughout the course.”

Sutrina Seow, AFPCM
2015 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 1

“The module covers a broad overview of financial planning topics which is personally very interesting to me who has never been exposed to this area prior to the course.”

Han Hao Juan
2015 – Cycle 3 Intake, Module 1